Maintaining a Rural Fence

Rural fencing is different than domestic or commercial fencing because the primary concerns are function and longevity, and because of the large amount of land that needs to be enclosed, the cost is much more of an consideration. Most often, aesthetic appeal is one of the last considerations for many rural fencing projects.

To keep costs down, many landowners use basic post-and-wire fences with wooden posts and various types of wire or wire mesh, depending on the situation. These are inexpensive and sturdy, but will require some regular maintenance.

Rural Fencing


Rural wood horse fence installation in Perth WA.

Wooden posts can be susceptible to both rot and termite damage. Depending on your particular location, you will need to be more or less proactive with maintaining your fence against pests and damage from rot.

The most important thing is to ensure your fence continues to serve its purpose, which is often keeping valuable livestock safe and contained. This means you will need to regularly check for damage. It’s suggested that you walk the perimeter of your fence at regular times to check for infestations, rot, and sagging wire. You may choose to do this once per month, or more or less regularly depending on the age and overall condition of your fence. It’s also a good idea to thoroughly check everything after storms.

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Types of Maintenance and Repairs You Can Expect

Not all maintenance and repairs necessarily require contacting a professional, although you may feel more comfortable doing so.

Rotten Posts

It’s best to replace rotten posts before they break, although that may not always be possible. When you are walking the perimeter of the fence, be on the lookout for discolored spots on the posts. If you are questioning the post’s integrity, press on it and see if there is any “give.” Wood should not be soft. If you find “soft” fence posts, mark them and have them replaced as soon as possible.

Dealing with Termites

Termites can also be a problem for the wooden components of your fence. If necessary, you may want to treat the fencing with insecticide designed specifically for deterring and killing termites. It’s best to treat the area even before the fence is installed, to ensure the underside of the fence posts are protected. Often, if you catch a termite infestation before much damage has been done, you can save your fence without needing to replace the wood posts.

Sagging Wire

Using a special tool, you can test the tension of the wire in your fencing. This helps keep your fence functioning properly and ensures that you can correct any tension problems before they become an issue and affect the fence’s integrity.

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