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Colorbond vs HardiFence? Good question.

Two of the most popular domestic fencing options in Perth and Bunbury, Colorbond and HardiFence, have a lot in common. Both enhance privacy and security, and both offer a similar finished look.

But, at the end of the day, how do they measure up and which one is right for your property, budget and needs? We’ve listed the most important differences and similarities in this post.

This should help you decide…


Colorbond vs HardiFence: Pros & Cons

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The most fundamental difference between Colorbond fencing in Perth or Bunbury and HardiFence fencing is the materials that are used to produce the fences.


What is Colorbond fencing made of?

Colorbond panels are manufactured using a patented steel made by a leading Australian steel maker called BlueScope and feature a colour bonded to the metal. Genuine Colorbond is resistant to fire, corrosion and pests, like termites. It comes with a 10-year warranty.


What is HardiFence made of?

HardiFence (HardieFence by James Hardie) is made from strengthened cement fibre sheets that are lightly corrugated and interlock, with aluminium capping added for support. Hardie fencing is also resistant to fire, rot and pests. However, it is not covered by a warranty.


What Colour Options Available?

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Colorbond comes with the colour bonded to the steel. While one could paint the fencing later, it is a time-consuming process with an end result that isn’t nearly as long-lasting as the original bonded colours. There are 14 options to choose from at the time of writing this, but one can track updates on Colorbond fence colours on the Colorbond website.

HardiFence, on the other hand, does not come in a finished colour. This can be great for custom-matching paints. The surface of HardieFence is ideal for painting, and there are unlimited shades available. There’s also the option of not painting and keeping the neutral colour of the fence, which complements most outdoor decors and landscaping.

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In terms of maintenance, Colorbond vs HardiFence are nearly identical. Both fencing types are easy to maintain, requiring only an occasional washing and that the base be kept free of debris. If the bottom rail on your Colorbond fence is exposed to soil moisture that does not drain out, then corrosion may occur. This will also void the warranty.

HardiFence, like Colorbond, looks the same from both sides. This a desirable attribute for most property owners, as it provides a consistent look that keeps neighbours happy with the overall appearance. Although Colorbond tends to be more prone to denting, Hardie fences can be dented if hit hard enough with a ball or similar object. Both types of fencing are dent resistant, though.


Why is COLORBOND® steel Fencing Cheaper?

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A lot of people assume that HardiFence fencing is cheaper than Colorbond. This may have been the case a couple of decades ago, but not anymore. In fact, many property owners in Australia are surprised to learn that Colorbond typically works out around 30% cheaper than HardiFence when installed by professional fencing experts.

The reason Colorbond generally costs less these days is because it is produced on a much larger scale. The material has come down in price as it is now used for all types of building applications on properties, including for roofs and garages. The physical labour that goes into putting up a Hardie fence is also double that of a Colorbond fence.



So which is best when it comes to Colorbond vs HardiFence? That depends upon your specific needs and preferences. Most property owners opt for Colorbond, as it offers some advantages, but if you’re looking for attractive, low-maintenance fencing that is difficult to scale and will effectively make a space more private, either fence would be a wonderful choice.

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