PVC Fences for Perth Homes: Modern Beauty and Classic Elegance

Good fences make good neighbours and great first impressions. And if you are in the market for a new fence, there are many options to choose from. But for some Perth homeowners, PVC gates and fences have been a popular choice for many years. This type of fence has become popular in recent years due to its curb appeal, affordability and versatility. It offers a modern and stylish alternative, without sacrificing durability to traditional wood or metal fencing.

Why Choose PVC Fences

PVC fences offer modern beauty and classic elegance. With its variety of styles, colours, and designs it can be tailored for any type of property or homeowner’s needs. A benefit of PVC fencing over traditional wood picket fencing or metal/iron wrought fencing is that it doesn’t rot like wood does and lasts longer than metal/iron does. There’s less upkeep involved because the colour will remain vibrant throughout its lifespan, as opposed to wooden fences which tend to fade over time due to weathering and exposure. Wood is a beautiful and natural material for fencing, but it’s not the most durable. Wood fences are vulnerable to water, fire, termites and weather damage.

PVC fences offer a range of benefits to those looking for a long-lasting and durable solution.

1) PVC fences is a great investment and a great choice for homeowners looking to add value and beauty to their property.

2) PVC/ Vinyl Fence is a durable and easy to maintain fence that comes in a wide range of styles to complement your property.

3) Both residential and commercial properties benefit with the use of PVC fences.

4) It is a more affordable solution for homeowners and property owners in the long run, as the maintenance cost is almost non-existent. It is resistant to all weather conditions so it will not need repair or a repaint, unlike traditional wood or metal fences.

5) Customisable with various design options to complement your style and needs.

Types of PVC Fences

PVC fences are the perfect solution for Perth homeowners looking to create a modern yet classic aesthetic for their homes. Aside from its ease of maintenance; this versatile fence comes in a wide range of styles and heights offering more flexibility and range of options that would complement your home or property.

The appeal of PVC fences has grown rapidly in Perth. This fencing option offers the best of both worlds, catering for modern tastes and for those who prefer classic picket-style fences and is far more cost effective when compared to wood, steel or aluminum.

PVC picket fence designs are more traditional, while modern PVC privacy fences offer contemporary styling to complement any home or commercial property.

Let\’s discuss the most popular fence styles and options:

PVC Picket Fences: Timeless and Classic

PVC picket fences are an elegant, and timeless way to add beauty to your home. They make a great addition if you want the classic white pickets that will always remind us of those dream homes we see in magazines!

It\’s no wonder PVC picket fences have seen such rapid growth in Perth. They offer an elegant and tidy appearance that is often used as a decorative element to highlight other aspects of your property, such as landscaping or patios. PVC picket fencing will work well with any house design, from rustic country homes to modern abodes.

It is a great choice to add curb appeal to your property and is perfect for those who love the look of traditional wood picket fences, but don\’t want the hassle or upkeep that comes with it.

PVC picket fences combine privacy with sufficient airflow and visibility. These types of PVC fences offer the perfect balance between elegance, privacy and functionality for any homeowner looking to improve the exterior of their home or property.

There are 3 different styles available in PVC picket fences: Gothic Scalloped, New English Flat and Modern PVC fence.

Gothic Scalloped PVC Fence – adds a colonial arched design to your home with its distinctive scalloped shaped accent. Scalloped style picket fences are a classic design that features successive descending pickets to the centre. It rises up towards the ends from the middle, creating a scallop shape.

White Scalloped PVC Picket Fencing Installation in Perth by Team Work Fencing Contractors

Gothic White Scalloped PVC Picket Fencing Installation in Perth by Team Work Fencing Contractors

New English Flat PVC Fence – adds a classic look to your property. It is the classic picket fence with slats straight across and with the same height, adding simplicity and clean cut lines. These picket fence designs are a preferred choice for homeowners who want to keep things classy and elegant.

Traditional white PVC picket fencing and gate installation in Rockingham, Perth WA

Classic New English PVC picket fencing and gate installation in Rockingham, Perth WA

Modern PVC Fences – are perfect for those looking for a more modern, sleek design but still imbues the traditional charm. Modern picket fences are more contemporary, while retaining the clean cut lines that make them look elegant and beautiful.

White Modern PVC Slat Fence Installation in WA by Team Work Fencing Perth

White Modern PVC Slat Fence and Gate Installation

Hamptons style white PVC picket fencing installed in Perth WA

PVC Fencing Hamptons Style installed in Perth

Choosing the PVC picket fence that best suits your yard is just a matter of preference. All these fence design options are beautiful and complements just about any suburb landscape or a cherished garden on your home or property.

PVC Privacy Fencing: Absolute Privacy

Privacy fences are a great way to safeguard your property while still being attractive in design, without compromising on modern beauty or the classic elegance of an ornate fence.

Team Work Fencing Contractors offers PVC privacy fence installation in Perth

Introducing our brand new PVC privacy fence with Lattice Top. Stylish and timeless fence perfect for any Perth property.

Aside from providing an attractive, clean look that will make any house stand out from the rest, a full-privacy PVC fence is a great way to create a sense of separation and protection within your property. It is an excellent choice for homeowners who are looking for a more organic, muted look in their front yard.

PVC Fence Installation Costs

Modern PVC privacy fences and PVC picket fences are typically priced per lineal metre (between $110 to $160), with the cost varying depending on design, length, height, soil conditions and access.

The cost of a PVC fence is one thing to consider, but the long-term benefits make it a worthwhile investment in both time and money!

PVC Fence Contractor Perth

Team Work Fencing Contractors can help you determine what type of PVC fence will work best for your needs. We can supply, design and install a PVC fence based on your specifications and requirements. Talk to us today or request a free quote.

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