Custom Pool Fence – Aesthetic of Perth Backyards

Pool Fencing in Perth

What’s more iconic than a glistening swimming pool in a sunny Perth backyard? With our warm summers and culture of enjoying the great outdoors, a backyard pool is one of the best places to soak up the sunshine with family and friends. 

When considering a pool for your Perth home, it’s important to think about more than just the design of the pool basin. For safety, you’ll also need a secure pool fence and decking.

Fences and gates are mandatory on all residential pools in Perth as an essential safety measure for homeowners and their families, especially those with young children and pets. You should check this resource for more information on the local pool fencing compliance, specifications, dimensions and measurements.

Custom Pool Fence Installation: Before and After Photos

Looking for custom pool fencing inspiration? Check out our before and after gallery below. 

For a modern, minimalistic look with uninterrupted views of your garden or landscape, frameless glass pool fencing is the way to go. A glass pool fence softens the look of your outdoor space and allows more natural light into your garden. Or why not create a feature fence that blends frameless glass with freestanding posts or other unique design elements? Team Work Fencing will create a custom pool fence that adds an elevated, modern touch to your outdoor space. 

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Custom Pool Fence #1: Free Standing Round Post Fence with Glass Pool Fencing

These free-standing posts do not fully obstruct any views and the straight-line pattern adds a really nice touch to the outdoor entertaining space.

Custom Pool Fence #1: The Finished Look

When choosing a custom fence, you can design with contrasts or opt for a fence composed of varying heights. You can incorporate different elements or distinctive features.

Custom Pool Fence #2: Vertical Batten Fence with Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

For our second client, custom pool fencing was installed for their newly-built pool. The geometrical lines are very prominent in this outdoor space. To complement the design, the custom pool fence should match this contemporary look.

With straight lines and matching the colour of these free-standing posts to the Colorbond fence behind it created an organic, muted colour palette that complimented the urban look of the space.

Custom Pool Fence #2: The Finished Look

The addition of the frameless pool fence reinforces the urban theme. By incorporating contrasting but coherent elements, the outdoor area fully transforms into a tranquil but modernist outdoor retreat.

You can achieve elegant and contemporary designs with a custom pool fence. With the right planning and design precision, you can transform your outdoor space into an urban haven. 

Custom Pool Fence #3: Free Standing Vertical Batten Pool Fencing with Frameless Glass Fence

Custom Pool Vertical Batten Fence with Frameless Glas and Free Standing Posts Perth WA
Custom Pool Fence with Frameless Glass Pool Fence and Free Standing Posts Perth WA
Custom pool fence installation in Perth with vertical batten and frameless glass pool fencing.

How Much Does It Cost to Put a Custom Fence Around a Pool?

A custom pool fence typically costs between $250 to $400 per lineal metre for the designs shown in this article. However, this is very much dependent on design, length, height, soil conditions and more. For an accurate quote please have one of our friendly estimators attend your property.

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Team Work Fencing Contractors can supply, design and install a custom pool fence based on your specifications and requirements. Team Work Fencing provides feature fencing services in Perth that comply with Australian safety regulation codes. Team Work Fencing have decades worth of pool fencing experience.

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