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Brush Wood Fencing in Perth WA

Brushwood is a natural material that’s perfect for use in windy locations. It provides a good windbreak without completely stopping the wind, so there’s less stress on the fence itself. Brushwood is also naturally fire-resistant.

Brushwood fence installation is a cost-effective solution. It delivers a decorative and natural look that is also practical, as it provides a privacy barrier that dissuades unwanted visitors from roaming onto your property. This type of fence also has high sound absorption to keep your party noises from disturbing the neighbours and muffle the traffic and other neighbourhood noises for you.

Many people choose to have the fence to be designed to appear the same on both sides, giving a nice finished look from every angle.

Benefits of Brush Fencing

Brushwood is a great choice for privacy in many applications. It offers the following benefits:

  • Can be mounted between piers for a more modern look
  • Absorbs sound to reduce annoying everyday noises
  • Works to prevent erosion in some applications
  • Fire resistant
  • Unappealing surface for graffiti
  • Ideal for use in windy conditions
  • Cost-effective

Uses for Brushwood Fencing

A brushwood fence can be installed as a perimeter fence around your property, and also can be used for privacy or to block wind in specific areas. Some people may want to use brushwood to surround their pool, as it provides a particular decorative feel.

TWF has recently added green and black barb wire options for your convenience. 

Brushwood Fences and the Environment

Brushwood used by TWF’s fencing contractors is sustainably harvested. Brushwood is a natural, renewable resource that provides up to 35 years of use with only occasional maintenance.

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