Timber Fencing Perth: Bayswater Garratt Road Bridge Installation 2017

Timber fencing Perth? Absolutely!

At Team Work Fencing, we specialise in timber fence installations in Western Australia. Our fencing contractors in Perth and Bunbury subscribe to industry best practices and use quality recycled materials. This ensures that your fence not only looks great and serves it purpose but also has a minimal environmental impact.

Timber Fencing Perth Garratt Road Bridge

Fences made from timber wood work well on residential properties. However, because timber fencing offers reliable durability and aesthetic appeal, it also has numerous industrial applications. As a matter of fact, timber may use natural, treated or painted wood to provide sturdy, attractive fencing that complements almost any industrial landscape or feature.

In our most recent project, we used recycled timber to upgrade a longstanding structure in Perth that required restoration – the Garratt Road Bridge over the Swan River.

Here’s a look at the details and outcome of the job…

Timber Fencing Perth – Garratt Road Bridge

The Job:

The client engaged Team Work Fencing for restoration works on the Garratt Road Bridge in Bayswater, Perth. The purpose of the upgrade was to increase safety and security while improving aesthetics and boosting the heritage value of the structure. The project was completed successfully by our fencing contractors, we are proud to say.

We started by cutting dry Jarrah timber from old bridge beams. The recycled Jarrah wood was then installed into existing steel footings along the bridge to match the current fencing. Suitable high-strength nuts and bolts were used during installation. We used aged Jarrah because it is dry and not prone to shrinkage.

Garratt Road Bridge Old-style

Next, we installed rails. The middle handrail was notched with an angled cut V groove at the posts. We also notched the top rail with a V in a similar manner. The rails installed are made from green structural Jarrah timber, which tends to shrink. Notching a V groove into the posts allows for any contraction that may naturally occur.

To complete the project, our fencing specialists installed panels between each post. This was done to prevent pedestrians from falling through along the walkway of the bridge. We used hot-dipped galvanised infill panels to protect against river salt. All relevant materials were dressed with high-quality paint.

The Results:

The client was very pleased with the timber fencing Perth project by Team Work Fencing on the bridge. Garratt Road Bridge is now safer for both motorists and pedestrians, and the landmark structure is also more visually appealing.

Some before and after photos…




garratt bridge

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