Chainmesh Fencing vs. Garrison Fencing – Which One Is Best?

Should you install chainmesh fencing or garrison fencing? We get that question a lot here at TWF. The answer is that they are both really good perimeter security options for businesses and homes in Western Australia, and each one offers its own advantages. Depending on your budget, needs and preferences, one may be more suitable than the other.

To help you make an informed decision, here’s a look at some of the pros and cons of each alternative, as well as other important factors to consider before installing fencing on your properties.

Chainmesh Fencing vs. Garrison Fencing

1. Chain Mesh Security Fencing

Chainmesh or chain wire fences are a tried and tested method of securing Australian properties. Made from strong, galvanised steel wire, this type of fencing is durable, flexible and cost effective, making it ideal for a wide variety of sites and equipment.


Chainmesh fences are often installed in order to protect schools, parks and sporting facilities. They are also commonly used to secure building sites, mine sites, factories, prisons and detention centres. There are many different chain mesh fencing applications, even for residential property owners.

One the main reasons chain link fences are so popular and sought-after is because they are extremely versatile.

Firstly, they can be installed in various sizes, heights and thicknesses, almost anywhere. Then, installers can also add heavy-duty rails, posts and wire coatings to maximise strength. In addition, the fences can be topped with barb wire, razor wire, electric wire and more to enhance security.

The pros and cons…



  • Highly versatile, with numerous commercial, industrial, agricultural and home applications.
  • The most cost-effective security fencing solution – can be installed on a budget.
  • Durable – hot dip galvanised wire and aluminium/vinyl powder coatings ensure longevity.
  • Easy to repair.


  • Chainmesh fencing can easily be cut with tools such as bolt cutters.
  • Not as attractive as some types of security fences.
  • Limited colour choice (available in galvanised, black or green).

2. Garrison Security Fencing

When you’re serious about increasing security on your premises, garrison fencing will not let you down. It’s made from tubular steel that’s incredibly durable, and at the top of the fence installers can add aggressive edges that make it dangerous to climb.


In comparison with chainmesh fencing barriers, garrison is quite a bit tougher. It generally lasts much longer (these fences are known to last a lifetime) and requires a lot less maintenance. It is also more attractive and can be powder-coated to suit any type of building or landscape.

The downside is that the fences are significantly more costly. In addition, they offer less flexibility and versatility, with only three heights available.

If you’re looking for a premium boundary solution and don’t mind paying extra to secure your premises, you can’t go wrong with garrison security fencing. It is commonly used to secure commercial and industrial properties, government infrastructure, schools, sports facilities and more.

The pros and cons…


  • Highly secure – garrison fencing is difficult to climb, cut and break through.
  • More attractive than other types of security fences.
  • Extremely durable – can withstand harsh weather conditions and does not rust.
  • Less ongoing expenses compared to chain wire.
  • Can be powder-coated in a range of colours. Standard finish is black.


  • Limited versatility – comes in three heights: 2100 mm (standard), 1800 mm and 2400 mm.
  • Costs around three times more than chain mesh fences.

— Note: Garrison It is not recommended for residential properties. In fact, the majority of councils will not allow them.

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Security Fencing Tips for Businesses and Home Owners

Whether you are leaning towards installing chainmesh fencing or garrison fencing, consider the following important factors before you call out a security fencing company…

  • The length of fencing that you need. Generally, anything over 400 meters usually ends up being a chain mesh installation, as garrison can get rather expensive.
  • The type of gates that you have or want. Automatic gates are better suited for garrison fencing, normally; however, custom chain wire solutions can be fitted.
  • The level of protection that you need. Garrison usually does a better job of protecting buildings and industrial or commercial properties, although razor wire and other deterrents can easily be added with chainmesh fencing.
  • The type of fencing that your neighbours have. There might be council regulations that stipulate what you can and cannot install. Also, your street will look better when there is consistency with the type of fence.
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