How Much Does Colorbond Fencing Cost?

How much does colorbond fencing costHow much does Colorbond fencing cost?

Colorbond fencing is widely used in both residential and commercial properties across Western Australia because it offers durability, security and privacy, as well as easy maintenance. As a bonus, it is easy to install and comes in a variety of styles and colours.

DIY installations are possible with this type of fencing if you are willing to put in the time and effort. However, there are lots of good reasons to hire professional fencing contractors for Colorbond fencing installations in Perth and Bunbury. One of them is cost.

While property owners who choose to install their own Colorbond fence may save some money initially, in the long run a DIY installation can actually end up costing a lot more than you if you had called in professional fencing contractors to handle the job.

DIY vs. Professional Fencing Contractors

Property owners who opt for a DIY Colorbond fencing installation usually do so because they are looking to save on labour costs. What people often do not realise is that even fences that are not incredibly difficult to install can very easily be installed incorrectly, and this can get expensive. Then, the answer to “how much does Colorbond fencing cost” can change rather drastically.

If your fencing isn’t installed correctly on your property, it may not provide adequate privacy and security. Moreover, the fence may not stand up to the elements as well as it should, so you may have to repair or replace it much sooner than you would like. Of course, there is also the possibility that it won’t be installed perfectly along the property line, which can lead to costly problems.

On the other hand, when you hire professional fencing contractors who have experience with Colorbond fence installations, you don’t need to worry about mistakes. Your fence will be installed properly, serving its purpose while offering privacy and security. Because fencing companies use surveyors to mark property lines, there’s no chance that you will have to reinstall your fence.

In addition to the above, fencing companies can usually get Colorbond fencing jobs done a lot more quickly than the average property owner, as they have the manpower, tools and expertise to handle fencing jobs. Also, they can provide invaluable advice.

How Much Does Colorbond Fencing Cost?

With DIY Colorbond fence installation projects in Western Australia, the retail costs for posts, rails, fencing panels and fixing materials may add up to around A$70 per metre. That is, depending on the materials that you use and if you buy from from a large hardware supplier. If you’re planning on installing lattice, post caps and other fencing extras, the cost per metre will rise.

The cost of a professional Colorbond fencing installation will vary based on the company that you hire and the specifications of the job. At Team Work Fencing Contractors, the pricing as of 2018 can range between A$75 and A$85 per metre for Colorbond fence installations. It depends on the labour involved and whether Colorbond plinths and other add-ons are required.

Generally, when property owners require a larger Colorbond fence installed on a flat surface, the cost of the installation will be toward the lower end. In cases where a smaller fence needs to be installed on a sloping surface, the cost will typically be higher, as there is extra labour involved. The condition of the soil where the fencing is to be installed can also affect installation cost.

Overall, there isn’t a major cost difference between DIY and professional Colorbond fencing installations. As mentioned, though, when you’re doing it yourself, it’s easy to make mistakes that can result in problems and significantly higher costs.

How much does Colorbond fencing cost? Contact Team Work Fencing to find out and get an obligation-free quote. Our contractors are experts at installing Colorbond fences.