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Proper Winter Fence Maintenance

Now that the colder temperatures are upon us, there are a few simple precautions you can take to ensure your fence remains properly maintained throughout the winter. To Maintain Fences in Winter: Make sure there isn’t sand or other things leaning on your fence. This can cause unnecessary strain as well as create areas where […]

Can Your Fence Handle the Heat?

With summertime temperatures in Perth creeping past 40 degrees Celsius this summer, it’s important to ensure your building materials, including fences, are designed for use in the extreme temperatures. Colorbond steel fences are some of the most durable available. They come with a 10 year warranty from the manufacturer, and are resistant to corrosion, in addition […]

Maintaining a Rural Fence

Rural fencing is different than domestic or commercial fencing because the primary concerns are function and longevity, and because of the large amount of land that needs to be enclosed, the cost is much more of an consideration. Most often, aesthetic appeal is one of the last considerations for many rural fencing projects. To keep […]

5 Tips for Removing Your Old Fence

You don’t need a professional to do every job. If you’re looking to remove your old or ugly fencing, whether it’s because you no longer want it or it’s in disrepair, you can, in fact, do it yourself in most cases. However, a few tips from the professionals can make your job a little easier. […]

Fence Maintenance Tips

There are many small steps you can take to prevent your fence from failing. You want your fencing to last as long as possible, and to effectively keep animals and/or trespassers either in or out of an area. Follow these suggestions to keep your fence working effectively for longer: 1. Check on your fence. You’ll […]